First stop, Sydney, Australia!

Sure, I live here.

But there’s so much more about this place that I want to know of! So much more that I haven’t explored. In the next few days I will be out in the streets, looking for things that I have never seen and done before.


My one and only place to be is Maroubra Beach. Situated in the eastern side of Sydney, Maroubra Beach is for me one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Even though it is not one of the most famous aussie beaches, like Bondi, I still love it.
I like it because it is a beach where not many tourist come and visit, it is a more local beach and on daily basis it is not packed with people. I love how I can seat on the rocks by the sea and just have some time for myself.
Being born and raised in big cities I enjoy taking some time off of this chaos I call life. I study marketing full-time and work part-time, so I have little time for myself. It’s moments like this that I like to escape reality and run down to the beach on my own and relax, even if it is for just a little bit.

This beach is not only perfect for some time off, but if you like surfing Maroubra Beach is great for you. I never surfed in my life, but according to everyone, Maroubra has killer waves. Beware of the sharks though!
Want to swim with locals? Come at 6am for a surf, the sea will be packed with aussies going for their morning surf before work.

If you are coming to Sydney or even live in Sydney and have never been to Maroubra Beach, I strongly recommend it for you to come, I promise it won’t be a waste of your time.


5 thoughts on “First stop, Sydney, Australia!

  1. It is the beginning of your journey traveling around the world….it is a great start.
    How beautiful is Australia; how lucky we are to leave here.
    You just need to follow your dreams and make this a wonderful life experience.
    Whatever gets on your way to make it harder just keep on going and enjoy every moment of this journey.
    I will be here for you anytime.
    With love your mum. xx


  2. Carol, you got so right! When you read it, it seems like you was born as a bra girl!
    Every single world you wrote here is the exactly expression of the beautiful Maroubra beach!
    This is the way I felt when I first arrived in Australia, Sydney – Maroubra Beach more than 8 years ago and I have choose this amazing place to be part of my life. Even after few year when I decided to across the bridge and discovery a new life over the Northern Beaches after marriage and thought it would be a new adventure growing our beautiful little Bianca!
    Maroubra still like our back yard every time we decide to go there and enjoy it!
    You brought me back to my first days in Maroubra when I read it.
    Well done! I’m proud of you and the beautiful words that’s make Maroubra Beach even more special! 🙂 xxx Tia Kyka xxxx

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  3. You’re a lucky girl Carolina. I really enjoyed everything you wrote. I hope one day I can go to visit Marouba beach and maybe you too. I wish you good luck with your future projects. A big hug to you. Lourdes – Oslo, Norway.


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